Working at Disney…Again.

Almost two years ago to the day I began my first Disney journey. I was a junior in college and ready for the adventure I had waited my whole life to do. I had always been a Disney fan, but I never in my wildest dreams imagine that that program would affect me the way it did. When I left I was ready to get home to my family though and thought that my last day on my college program was my last day ever as a Disney Cast Member. 

I tried to put it behind me as just a fond memory and participated in other internships and finished getting my degree. But something always nagged at me in the back of my mind. The thought of going back and being a Cast Member again was something I was starting to consider more and more as I got closer to graduation. I had a job lined up after graduation. I was finally going to be a “big girl” and work at a recruiting firm in Tulsa. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out like I thought it would when I accepted the position. I was miserable in that job and growing more and more depressed by the day until I finally decided I had to leave. I’ve never been a quitter, but I had to leave for my health. And while doing this was the most freeing this I have EVER done in my life, it came with it’s own set of challenges. Here is an excerpt from my journal a couple weeks after my separation… 

{Sometimes it’s hard not to feel like a failure. We come out of college feeling like we’re supposed to take over the world and then… we don’t. Instead we come out of college having accepted a job and figure out it’s all wrong for us and make us miserable. And when this happens, we try to find a new one. How hard could it be, right? And then we spend weeks upon weeks looking for jobs, applying for ones we once thought far below us and not getting them, HOPING for a temporary job we think we’re overly qualified for just because it’s at a great company. Turns out, we are not only going to take over the world, we’re going to suffocate under the weight of it.}

Once I left this job I was left with the decision of what to do next and once again Disney was first in my thoughts. So I applied and applied and applied for every Professional Internship (PI) I thought I may possibly be good at and kept getting declined. I was even applying for to temp in positions in my home town that didn’t even require a high school diploma let alone a college degree. Eventually, miraculously, I heard back about getting an interview for my dream internship in Disney’s Casting department. After going through the interview process, I GOT IT!! I am now one of two interns in Walt Disney World’s Central Casting Department.

I have been there for one week and I am loving it. The largest part of my job I have been trained on so far is working in the lobby of the Casting building checking in people for interviews and answering questions regarding the hiring process. There is so much more to learn thought and I am so excited to work with this company. I even got a little emotional driving into work one morning this week listening to Frozen 2 and knowing that I am a part of this magical company once again. So the moral of the story is, follow your dreams. If you feel something nagging at you and a dream you want to follow through on, do it. We only get one life to live so make sure you’re living your best one. If you don’t like your job, find a new one! If you don’t like where you’re living, move! If you aren’t happy in your relationship, find a way to make yourself happy. There are endless possibilities to live your dream, reach out and find your Happily Ever After.

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