Twelve Things I’m Thankful For


Today is Thanksgiving and I am feeling sentimental (for obvious reasons). For this reason, I figured I would share just a few of the MANY things I’m thankful for. And even though it isn’t listed, I am thankful for each and every person who visits my website EVER. You guys give me the motivation to continue writing even when I am busy (although not all of it makes it to the website I am still writing in my droughts). I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving and is safe tonight at Black Friday!

  1. My dogs always brightening my day
  2. My family always pushing me to chase my dreams
  3. My boyfriend being so accepting of me leaving for a full 112 days
  4. Being accepted to the Disney College Program
  5. Being Accepted to the Love’s HR Internship
  6. Tri Delta being my home for a year and a half (which makes me very sad to leave in three weeks)
  7. Finding FIVE lovely roommates for the DCP
  8. My two wonderful roommates for this semester
  9. Finding a great apartment for my senior year
  10. Black Friday saving me that money
  11. My friends and family being so accepting of my recent transition to vegetarianism
  12. The friendships I have formed within Tri Delta (there’s so many if I mentioned every single one this would have over a hundred points)


Title photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

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