Three Steps to Wake Up Earlier

6 am is the new 11 am.

At least that’s the mindset I’ve had lately. I’ve been on a mission to wake up earlier and be more productive with my days. Forbes has identified waking up earlier as a habit that leads to a higher GPA, higher productivity, and increased long-range planning. I don’t know about you, but all of these things sound like pretty great results. I’ve seen some other posts about ways to wake up earlier, but they are all INCREDIBLY long. Here, I outline a simple THREE step process to waking up earlier.

Step One

Go to bed earlier to wake up earlier. This sounds like common sense, right? Well sorry to state the obvious but it’s that easy. Start winding down earlier in the evening to go to bed later at night. Stop drinking anything with caffeine or sugar at 5 o’clock and switch to herbal tea with honey or water (water=hydration and hydration=amazing skin so drink up before bed). Needing to wind down earlier is a good opportunity to spend your evening pampering yourself!Around 8 o’clock, take a relaxing bath or do a face mask, whatever soothes you and helps make you all sleepy and cozy.

It also helps to get on a sleep schedule. The iPhone has a handy-dandy feature in the clock app called “Bedtime” and if you put in the time you want to wake up and how much sleep you like to get and it’ll send you a push notification when it’s time to go to sleep. This helps you get in a pattern so you go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time MUCH easier.

Step Two

Start small. Whatever your normal time waking up is, set you alarm 10 minutes earlier. (Ex: if your alarm is 7:40, set it for 7:30.) Wake up at this time for a week or until you feel this time is natural, and then set it 10 minutes earlier again. Do this until you reach your desired time.

Step 3

Wake up. After your alarm has gone off, actually. wake. up. I cannot stress this enough. Summon up all of your will power and get your booty out of that bed. Turn your light on, sit up, and wake up. Some people set their alarms on the other side of the room so that they have to get up to turn it off (@myroomie) but what I personally do is set another alarm to go off 10 minutes after my first one. During this 10 minutes I check my phone, email, play on social media, read the news, check the weather, sleep a little longer, whatever I want. The only rule is, I HAVE to get out of bed when the 10 minutes is up. This 10 minutes helps me so I don’t just sit in my bed and let my morning go by and it’s lets me be mindless and slowly wake up.

So there is your easy three steps to waking up earlier and earlier. It’s pretty basic and straight forward but it lays a groundwork for you to add your own flair to it! My personal goal is 7:00 a.m. and right now my alarm is going off at 7:20 a.m. Wish me luck as I wish you all luck!

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