The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

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The song that plays through our mind whenever this time of year rolls around!

Summer is the best time of year for many reasons. It’s warm, pools, NO SCHOOL (unless you’re like me and signed up for summer online classes, yay me), and the opportunity to make some money at a summer job (and yes I said “opportunity” because you gotta keep that positive mindset somehow).

Along with summer comes the infamous summer bucket list. I’ll admit, summer is one of my favorite seasons (can ya tell?) so this bucket list is tried and true for creating a great summer, and can all be done around a summer job and online classes! So let’s dive in! (that’s a great pun if you didn’t chuckle you may not like the rest of this cheesy af post).

1. Read fifteen books

My personal number is fifteen because I’m a reader and one of my favorite parts of summer is laying out in the warmth and reading books. This one can be adjusted to your own discretion of course! But I think it would still be good to read SOME books during the summer because suddenly there’s all this free time and you can let your brain travel to amazing places where only authors can take us. And it keeps your brain from softening to total mush over the summer when you aren’t in school.

2. Go to yoga downtown

The beautiful view

One of the main things I want it do this summer is stay in shape. This is a Tulsa thing but if you aren’t from Tulsa, I bet there is something similar in a city near you. But towards the end of last summer me and my roommate from this year went to a free yoga session in downtown Tulsa and it was AMAZING. The view was absolutely gorgeous and it was a seriously breath-taking yoga experience. 10/10 recommend. Probably one of the few things definitely worth making the trip downtown.

3. Learn something new

This can easily go hand-in-hand with Number One. You can easily learn something new from books! My specific new thing I want to learn is how to use Adobe Photoshop. I want to learn this because 1) it’ll help with my website and 2) it’s something I should probably know for my marketing major. But you definitely don’t have to learn anything for practical reasons like me.

4. Go to the drive-in theater

The Admiral Twin Drive-In Theater is iconic here in Tulsa because it was used in the movie The Outsiders. Drive-in theaters are basically a summer staple, seen in most movies depicting summer lovin’ (@Grease). Why would you see a movie any other way in the summer and miss out on the beautiful global warming?

5. Go to a water park

Another summer staple! I don’t normally get to attend water parks because they can be kind of pricey and I have a pool in my backyard, but it’s something everyone should so at least once during the summer! Everyone loves a slide!

6. Make s’mores

Chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers oh my! Who doesn’t love a good s’more right? And with s’mores come bonfires which are ALSO super summer fun! (Bonfires and s’mores were also featured on my 10 Things To Do This Fall post, but they’re pretty universal and delicious all year round.) Since my fall post, I’ve been on a bit of a health kick. Sooooo I went looking for healthy s’mores! I haven’t had time to try these I found on A Big Man’s World yet but they’re paleo, vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free and don’t sounds too terrible.

7. Go to the lake

Redneck fun abound on this one. I’ve been going to the lake most weekends since I was two and it has always been a blast. A little dirty, but super fun. You haven’t lived until you’ve gone skiing or rode an inflated tube going 20 mph behind a boat trying not to fall off. 10/10 recommend.

So there are some fun things to add to your own summer bucket list! Summer 2k17 is going to be the best one yet 😉

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