The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide

As Christmas approaches, the stress of what gifts to get certain people can sometimes become overwhelming. “What if it’s too much?” “What if it’s not enough?” “What if they don’t like it?” These are all questions that plague us during the gift giving season. Knowing what to get certain people like your significant other, friends, and family can often prove to be very difficult. I have always enjoyed getting people gifts and one of the best feelings in the world is when you get someone the perfect present. Here are some ideas of what to get that special someone.

Significant Other

Before you and your partner start gift shopping, you should always discuss beforehand whether you will be getting presents for each other and set a price range. This will help to avoid awkward issues of one person spending more or less than the other. I have been in a stable relationship for a little over three years now and in that time I have had to get my boyfriend quite a few gifts for birthdays, Christmases, and anniversaries. Sometimes I think that the longer we’ve been together, the more difficult it gets to find the right present. The kinds of gifts you get for your significant other can often vary based on how long you have been together.

If you’ve been dating less than six months…

I recommend getting a small present for your partner. Something that won’t be weird for them to keep if you happen to break up and something that does not cost you too much money. I suggest spending around $25 – $50. Get them something fun and relating to their interests. If they enjoy Star Wars, maybe get them one of those car windshield visors that look like the Star Wars characters are driving. If they like Harry Potter get them a wand or something similar. Or offer to buy them a book they pick out. You can also choose to make them something if you don’t want to purchase anything. These are just a few examples but the options are limitless.

If you have been together between six months and a year…

Get your partner something that is nice, but not too personal. Something that they will love and use, but not something that costs you an arm and a leg. I suggest spending $50 – $75. Maybe get them some clothes from a store they often frequent. You could also possibly get them some nice cologne or perfume (something you’ll enjoy to smell when you’re around them).  Another option is a wallet, there are many different affordable ones on Amazon. Last year I got my boyfriend a beautiful Tommy Hilfiger wallet, along with a couple other things, which he still has to this day.

If you have been together greater than one year…

By this time, you should know kind of what your significant other enjoys, but that certainly doesn’t make gift buying any easier. In fact, as I said above, this can make it way more difficult. You want to get them something nice, but at the same time you don’t want to spend too much money. Maybe spend around $75-$100 this Christmas. You could get them a watch from a popular brand such as Fossil if they take pride in their timepieces. Or you could get your partner some nice jewelry. Last year my boyfriends got me some small diamond earrings that I love and wear everyday. You could get any combination of the items listed above. I’m sure no matter what though, they will love it.


Be sure to establish beforehand if you and your friends are doing a gift exchange. My favorite go to’s are warm socks, coffee mugs, gift cards, baked goods, and ornaments. The idea is to get something they will use, but not something too personal. Pinterest has lots of great DIY presents that are not costly. I have linked some of my favorites below.

DIY Bath Bombs

Melted Snowman Hot Chocolate Gift Jars

Flower Pot Craft

Snow Man Cake Balls

Hot Cocoa Mix Ornaments


When buying gifts for family, it’s hard to get advice from anyone. You are the one who knows your family the most. I know I struggle with trying to buy my dad anything because anything he sees that he likes he will buy for himself. Dads will love anything you get them though. My mom has always enjoyed getting candles and other things she can use around the house. Maybe a picture frame or something else decorative relating to your family. Etsy and Hobby Lobby are the places to look for moms. For your siblings, the perfect go to is gift cards or something else small that they will enjoy. My sister made me homemade bath bombs last year and that was a great present. For your extended family, I recommend pulling from the list of stuff you would get or make for your friends.

I hope these suggestions help make the season easier and help you to embrace the spirit of giving that marks it. MERRY CHRISTMAS!



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