The Misadventures of Jade the Blogger

So if anyone knows me they know I’m not exactly athletic. I try my best but in the end it turns into a total mess. But this past week has been a mess of epic proportions for active Jade.

I’ve been trying my best to work on getting more active and working out more so that maybe I can become more fit and athletic. Last Tuesday I went to a Barre3 class which is a mixture of barre, pilates, and yoga. Doesn’t sound too hard, right? WRONG!! I ended up almost passing out because my lungs weren’t working right and only made it a half hour through the hour long class. My heart rate didn’t come back down for HOURS so we ended up going to the doctor where they did so many tests and eventually told me I probably have exercise induced asthma… well that’s just grand. They also mentioned I should probably rest for a week and not exercise or strain my lungs. Okay… fine by me. I can wait a week (lol I couldn’t wait a week).

I wait a few days and decide that I want to try taking a walk on our treadmill so I’m in a controlled environment in case my lungs crap out. I fast-walk for about 10 minutes and start to jog and then all of a sudden I get hit with thighs so itchy I have to stop and let my legs calm down. Runner’s itch is real, folks. 

A week (almost) goes by and I FINALLY get to lace up my sneakers and grab my trusty inhaler and take my dog on a jog. We start slow and walk for a little ways and right when I start jogging and testing out my lungs, my dog stops to go to relieve himself on a neighbor’s yard… great. I don’t have any bags so I start jogging off and plan on coming back with one later. Not even a minute later out of nowhere comes a dog running and barking at me at full speed (Apparently the invisible fence that normally keeps it in its house was struck by lightning in a storm a few days prior). I don’t know if my dog pulled me or if I tripped or what but next thing I know I’m on the ground bleeding and my dog takes off after this other dog. My knees are scraped, my palms are bleeding, I even managed to tear up my shoulder.

Needless to say, exercise has not been my friend this week. I bet if I went out and tried to get active again this week I’d end up breaking my leg or something. So there’s the story of why cardio is not my thing.

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