Twelve Things I’m Thankful For

  Today is Thanksgiving and I am feeling sentimental (for obvious reasons). For this reason, I figured I would share just a few of the MANY things I’m thankful for. And even though it isn’t listed, I am thankful for each and every person who visits my website EVER. You guys give me the motivation […]

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

“SUMMERTIME, IT’S OUR VACA-TION” The song that plays through our mind whenever this time of year rolls around! Summer is the best time of year for many reasons. It’s warm, pools, NO SCHOOL (unless you’re like me and signed up for summer online classes, yay me), and the opportunity to make some money at a […]

The Ultimate Gift Giving Guide

As Christmas approaches, the stress of what gifts to get certain people can sometimes become overwhelming. “What if it’s too much?” “What if it’s not enough?” “What if they don’t like it?” These are all questions that plague us during the gift giving season. Knowing what to get certain people like your significant other, friends, and […]