Putting the “Pest” in Pescatarian

Don’t let anybody dictate what you put in your body.

I definitely think the hardest part by far about limiting your diet in anyway (vegetarianism, vegan is, pescatarian, etc) is the judgement and advice. The amount of people who try to give input on what you are putting into your own body is just astonishing. 

From August 2017 to August of 2018, I was on a pescatarian diet. And as anyone with dietary requirements know, the first question you get from everyone is, sooooo like what made you decide to do this?” My answer was simply that I wanted to challenge myself. I had always been interested by vegetarianism and wanted to see if I could go a year without eating any meat (other than fish bc sushi) as a challenge to my health and my will. I quickly found that sometimes this answer was not enough for some people. It is CRAZY how many people feel challenged to get a vegetarian to eat meat when they say they don’t. Things like “oh just this once”, “you’ve never tasted barbecue like this before” and “you don’t know what you’re missing out on” became frequently heard phrases in my life. So whenever someone was being particularly pushy I would shift my answer to more along the lines of “oh, meat makes my stomach hurt”. But the biggest reason by far that I limited by diet is I just really don’t like meat other than poultry and fish but people attribute that to being picky which is frowned upon by society. 

We really shouldn’t have to go through all of these excuses to choose what goes into our own body. At the end of the day, what I choose to eat and what I choose to fuel my body with is my business and mine alone. What gives me more energy and what makes me feel worse or what brings me joy to eat and what I don’t like, only affects me. So why does everyone seem to have an opinion on it? Why is it regarded as being picky to know that I do not like beef or pork?

My main point is if you are choosing to adopt a specialized diet, don’t let anybody tell you how to do it. If your goal is to not eat as much pork, awesome! If you want to be completely vegan, more power to you! If you decide you want to eat beef when your trying to cut it out, that is completely your choice! 

Do not let anybody decide what you put into your body, because it is none of their damn business. 

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