Pistol Pete the Golden Retriever

Hi friends! Long time no post!

This semester has been CRAZY so my deepest apologies for disappearing! I’ve also been taking so time to really reflect on what I want my voice to be on this website and I think I’ve finally figured out what I want to say.

What prompted me to come back today is a certain twitter post of my dog. I don’t know if you’ve seen this tweet:

This is a tweet I put on my personal account of my dog Pete (ft. Sweet Ginger). They’re both repping their favorite college football team, the OSU Cowboys, after Bedlam last weekend. My mother snapped this picture and sent it to our local news station for their weather-woman’s segment “Stacia’s Pet Pics”. Pete has ALWAYS loved watching other dogs on tv. And I don’t mean like sitting in the room while we’re watching tv with dogs, I mean eyes trained on the tv, barking along, loving life watching TV. (We still can’t talk about the ending of I Am Legend because he went BAZERK!) His favorite Christmas movie is Santa Buddies. When he saw himself on tv he was absolutely beside himself! The reaction my mother caught on camera was PRICE.LESS. It said “Mom! I’m on tv!”

Pete has always been one of the single most lovable dogs in the world (after he chewed a hole into my mom’s brand new, expensive rug I’m pretty sure this is the only thing that kept him from living on the street). I knew posting these pictures of him would be appreciated by some of my sorority sisters, but never, ever, EVER did I dream of it getting this much traffic. It got reposted by Buzzfeed, Common White Girl, Kalesalad, Mashable, and a couple others!

 Yes I’m aware he is a dog. Yes I am aware he is an asshole who’s favorite game is steal Jade’s pants until she chases me. And yes I am aware he probably doesn’t realize that it was a picture of himself on the tv (though I still think he maybe did and his reaction was cute af anyway). But he is still one of my favorite beings on this earth (mainly bc of those eyebrows).

Pete loves chasing squirrels, being chased, pretending to be a lap dog, barking at his water bowl if there’s a piece of kibble in it, waiting outside the door when you open it to let him in (instead letting in bugs, the heat, the cold, the rain, and everything but him)

I am also very excited to announce that this BEAUTIFUL dog is going to be a father (eventually)! We have him set up with a lovely lady golden because my farmer mother thinks that everyone should see an animal give birth at some point in their life. So stay tuned for that adventure because I fully intend to claim one of his daughters as my own.

SEE ALSO: The Misadventures of Jade the Blogger This isn’t my first time Pete has been featured on my site. I also discussed the goob after he dragged me down while we were out for a run in the post

Please enjoy my sweet Peter and follow him on Instagram at PistolPetetheGolden to keep up with his wild antics. Let me know what you think of his page, all constructive criticism is welcome so you can see the content you want!

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