Lipstick Hero: May

Hey friends!

So, I have an addiction… and it’s lipstick. Lipstick, lip balm, lip stain, lip gloss, anything pretty you can put on your lips, I have probably bought it. I love buying it and wearing it and playing with it at makeup stores (Sephora was a dangerous place for me when I worked in the mall). SOOOOOOO due to all of this, I am going to start sharing a “Lipstick Hero” every month! Every month I will pick a lipstick that I think is Awesome-with-a-capital-A and share it with my lovely readers!

So for this month our Lipstick Hero is….. (*drum roll*) Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm!

This balm is probably one of the most pigmented balms I have ever worn. Most balms just kind of tint your lips where this one provides an even color that lasts a good amount of time for a balm. It’s also more moisturizing than most lip products with this much pigment.

The color “Vivacious” is a beautiful fuchsia pink that I love wearing in the summer. It’s glossy and shiny without being sticky and slightly tints the lips so even as the product wears off, your lips are left a cute pink.

For a completed look, pair it with a light pink eyeshadow, a rose highlighter on the cupids bow, and use the product as a cream blush (but be wary if you have sensitive skin as this can clog pores). But you can also wear it on its own to make yourself look like you actually put in effort, when you actually just swiped on a balm really fast.

Overall score: 9/10 (one point deducted as it’s staying power isn’t the best but pick your battles, right?)

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