About Me

“Who is this chick?”

Hi I’m Jade!

I am a recent graduate from Oklahoma State University with a double degree in Management and Marketing (woo that’s a mouthful). I am a Disney obsessed, dream-chasing, book reading, dog-loving, sorority alumna fueled by coffee, tea, Jesus, and wishes (and that’s just in my free time). But most importantly, I am the author of this website, Jade is Write.

I began writing in a ratty journal I carried around in my backpack because it was a way to process some of the thoughts I was having freshman year. While reading some of the things I wrote I realized one simple truth. Life is hard.

After years of college, I have accumulated lots of tips and tricks to help make the most of your life and am constantly learning more. This website is really just me doing me and likely a lot of seemingly organized chaos and if you don’t like it… please refer to the little “x” symbol on the tab above.

If you haven’t looked around yet, check out my post A Little Bit About Myself and hopefully gain some insight into me and my writing.

Happy reading!