About Me

“Who is this chick and how can she help me?”


Hi I’m Jade!

I am a student at Oklahoma State University working to obtain a double major in Management and Marketing (woo that’s a mouthful). I am a Disney obsessed, dream chasing, book reading, dog loving, sorority girl fueled by coffee, tea, Jesus, and dreams (and that’s just in my free time). But most importantly, I am the author of this website, Jade is Write.

I began writing in a ratty journal I carried around in my backpack because it was a way to process some of the thoughts I was having freshman year. While reading some of the things I wrote I realized one simple truth. Going to college is hard.

After a couple of years of college, I have accumulated lots of tips and tricks to help make the most of your college experience and am constantly learning more. I am so hopeful that some of what I am learning will help other people. I have also gained a lot of knowledge not directly relating to college itself, but that I share in hopes that some poor unfortunate soul like me will benefit from it.

If you haven’t looked around yet, check out my post A Little Bit About Myself and hopefully gain some insight into me and my writing.

Happy reading!


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