6 Ways To Take Time For Yourself

In our society it can often be difficult to find time for ourselves. I know personally being in college and involved in many things, I can often get so busy that I forget to breathe sometimes. We live in a country obsessed with busying ourselves. If you don’t have at least three activities to do on a regular basis, you “have too much free time”. And free time=the enemy. Whether it’s school or work or clubs or piano lessons or anything else we busy ourselves with, we don’t know how to slow down. This can lead to assorted negative effects on your physical health and your mental health. As we head into crunch time in school it is important to remember to take time for yourself and focus on making yourself happy. Here are some easy ways to take time for yourself.

1. Binge watch Netflix

When I need to take time for myself to just let my brain stop, Netflix is the first thing I turn to. Whether it’s rewatching old shows or watching new ones, it is a great way to get your mind off of anything you may want to stop thinking about. I have watched Grey’s Anatomy at least six times now because I watch it whenever I have had a particularly stressful week and need to not think anymore.

2. Paint your nails

Whenever I’m writing a paper or studying for a test, one of my favorite things to do when I take  break is to paint my nails. It is therapeutic and very relaxing to paint and have that repetitive motion. It also has a set ending so it does not turn into procrastination like watching Netflix sometimes can.

3. Take a nap

Sleep is one of the most important things to do for your health. Taking time to make sure you get eight to nine hours of sleep every night is one of the most important things you can do, especially when you’re busy. It helps give your immune system the ability to fight off any illnesses you may contract and keep your mental health stable. There are also studies that show you are more productive after a full night’s rest, so it can heavily benefit you during a busy week.

4. Go to the gym

Going to the gym is a great way to get out of your head. Running on a treadmill or doing a yoga class are amazing ways to relax and be with your thoughts. Exercise also releases endorphins which make you feel more happy and relaxed.

5. Browse the internet

One of my favorite things to do while I have a free day is browse Pinterest or other websites. I’ll normally do this with Netflix playing in the background and just turn my brain off. Mindless searching on Pinterest or Facebook is an amazing way to spend free time.

6. Write in a journal

Journaling is something many people turn to when they need time to themselves. Putting all of your thoughts in one place can lead to personal growth, better memory, and can also further mental capacity in general. Most successful people swear by journaling as the key to their success because of all the benefits I listed above.

I highly encourage everyone to take time to relax and care for themselves, especially as we are coming up on such a busy time of year. We can survive finals and Thanksgiving and Christmas and everything else that can leave us feeling depleted.


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