20 Things I Learned in 20 Years

As some people know, I turned twenty a couple weeks ago. Through this I was inspired to compile a list of twenty things I have learned in my twenty years on this earth. I only hope that my learning experiences can help better your life in some way.

  1. Always be kind
  2. Try to see things from other people’s point of view
  3. Sometimes you have to cut negative people out of your life… and that’s okay
  4. Brain breaks are often for the best
  5. Eat a healthy breakfast everyday
  6. Never and I mean never eat flaming hot cheetos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’re just asking for stomach acid problems…
  7. Wash your makeup brushes weekly unless you want raging acne
  8. Wash your pillow case weekly because once again… acne
  9. Drink plenty of water
  10. If you want the cupcake, eat the cupcake. #Treatyoself
  11. Don’t eat past when you feel full
  12. Do what makes you happy
  13. If someone asks you to go do something fun with them, go do the fun thing (to an extent). You’re only young once
  14. Philanthropy and giving back are very important in life
  15. Use an organizer. See
  16. It’s okay if not everyone likes you
  17. There are few things a good cup of coffee or tea won’t fix
  18. Embrace unselfish leadership
  19. Don’t be afraid to take time for yourself. Some of the best ideas happen in silent contemplation
  20. Your friends and family are some of the most important parts of your life… treat them well

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